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Water damage restoration – if you have water damage on your property, our professionals are available 24/7 to help you take care of water damage promptly. The first 48 hours are crucial after you have noticed signs of water damage. In this time, mold will have started developing and items around the house will have absorbed a lot of water. Acting fast by calling one of our partners is a great way of reducing damages to your house by the water or mold that forms later on.

Fire damage restoration – our fire damage restoration professionals are highly trained and experienced in fire damage restoration. They will quickly secure your property to ensure your safety and that of your belongings. They will then act fast to extract the water, clean the soot and dry up the property. Finally, any areas that need repairs will be addressed. Do not let your house stay in disarray when you have access to professional services 24/7

Mold remediation – mold is dangerous to your health. It also damages your property and items. Our mold remediation experts are ready and waiting to help you completely get rid of mold on your property. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, they have the expertise and equipment needed to effectively rid your property of mold. Don’t try DIY tactics that do not work but only expose you more and spread the mold around the property. Let the professionals come and get it right the first time. no need to play guess work with your hard earned property and health.

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Fort Lauderdale Mold Removal

Is your property experiencing a mold invasion? If you spot any signs of mold on your house it is time to call for Fort Lauderdale mold removal services. Unlike popular belief, mold removal is not a simple DIY activity that you can quickly do on a weekend and think you are safe. Mold removal is a comprehensive process carried out strategically to ensure total elimination of mold.

Many people who have tried scrubbing off mold with water and bleach, find that the problem recurs after a while. This is because getting rid of the visible mold is only one step in the mold removal process. The most important step is identifying the source of the excess moisture in your house and fixing that problem. This is where the complexity of the process comes in.

Without knowledge and specialized equipment, finding hidden leaks and repairing them properly is not a task everyone can do. And without doing this right you will continue exposing your family to mold spores that cause allergies and aggravate asthma and respiratory problems. This is definitely not your intention at all, which is why it’s best to let Fort Lauderdale mold removal experts handle the problem for you.

Mold removal is a detailed and controlled process that involves the following;

Fixing the moisture problems – a mold invasion is usually as a result of excess moisture in the house. The excess moisture could be as a result of a leak or a burst pipe or water entering the house from outside due to natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes. Simple negligence problems like overflowing tubs and sinks can also lead to mold in the house. Some areas in the house are naturally damp like the bathroom or basement. For such parts of the house, proper ventilation is encouraged. If the moisture problem is not fixed first, it becomes very difficult to get rid of the mold problem.

Isolation – the next step entails isolating the area or areas affected by mold. This is done to prevent contamination of the rest of the house. Isolation is done before any demolitions, cleaning or mold removal is done so that cross contamination doesn’t occur. Disposable plastic sheets are used to physically isolate the areas.

Negative air pressure – mold spores spread through the air and therefore even with physical isolation it is possible for some spores to contaminate other areas. Negative air pressure may be induced in the area to ensure there is no movement of air in the contained zone to other areas. Remember that if mold spores are allowed to reach other favorable areas of your home, they will grow and the problem will escalate. Containment of spores is therefore very crucial during mold removal Fort Lauderdale.

Removal of affected items – mold likes to hide on porous items. If items such as carpets and furniture have been affected by mold, they need to be removed from the house and deep cleaned before they are placed back. Deep cleaning is required to get deep into the fibers and remove the mold spores hiding there. If regular cleaning is done, all the spores might not be removed causing a recurrence of the problem. Items that cannot be salvaged are properly disposed of.

Thorough mold cleaning and drying – once all the unsalvageable materials have been removed, those that can be salvaged are thoroughly cleaned to remove the mold. Special bleach, fungicides and antiseptics are used to clean mold. The area is scrubbed meticulously, ensuring that all the mold and the roots have been removed. The surface should be left bare and totally clean after the process. The area is then wiped and dried completely. Meter moistures are used after the drying process to ensure moisture levels are down to levels that don’t encourage growth of mold.

As is evident to you now, mold removal is not a process that should be taken lightly. Mold removal Fort Lauderdale FL requires a lot of care. Protective clothing should be worn, special cleaning detergents are used and equipment such as air movers, moisture meters and dehumidifiers are necessary. If you see signs of mold on your property in Fort Lauderdale FL, remember to always seek professional help.

Benefits of professional Fort Lauderdale mold removal

Professional mold removal goes beyond cleaning and disinfecting the affected surfaces. First, professional mold removers prioritize your health. Everything is done in a controlled manner ensuring that your family is not exposed to the spores released during the removal process.

A professional will ensure that the cause of the excess moisture in the house has been identified and taken care of. You see, mold requires moisture to grow. If mold spores land on surfaces that are clean and dry, they cannot grow since the conditions are not right. Therefore, with a professional your mold problem should not recur.

Professional mold removal in FT Lauderdale entails structural repair and reconstruction of damaged parts. Mold eats away on the surfaces it grows on. It causes rotting on wood, warping, oxidation, and discoloration. All of these problems affect the structural integrity of your home. A professional will inspect the damage, and repair or reconstruct the damaged areas after mold removal.

Having a professional work on mold helps to maintain the value of the property if you are looking to sell. With an expert, the signs of mold are completely removed from your home and all surfaces are left anew. If you try selling a house with a mold invasion the value will significantly decrease due to the damage and health hazard risks posed to the buyer.

Hiring a reliable mold removal company in Fort Lauderdale can be time consuming and tiring. There are so many companies to choose from and with the time constraints problems are bound to happen. Our website is the only one resource you need if you are looking for restoration services. We have already vetted and listed top companies in Lauderdale offering mold removal services. Get the best mold removal company here today.